A couple of years ago I realized just how much photography is a part of me.  I went scuba diving with my husband, and it was my first time diving in several years.  I was a little nervous and a little uncomfortable, since it had been so long, and was having some difficulty regulating my breathing and adapting to my environment.  He handed me the camera we brought along, so I started taking pictures.  I don’t know if he noticed my distress, but that became a significant moment.  Before even realizing it, my breathing slowed to a normal rate, I was calm, and having the time of my life!  That was that moment I knew I chose the right profession.

I love taking pictures, plain and simple.  I know, a bunch of photographers will tell you that, and I certainly can’t disagree with them.  Photographers are some of the luckiest people around.  When doing portrait work, a big part of my job is to get a nice expression, a smile perhaps.  How can I not have fun trying to make people smile?  And, when I get that real smile, if even for just a second, I’ve helped someone feel just a little bit better.

When someone purchases one of my fine art pieces, they are buying a piece they connect with in a positive way.  Could be it makes them smile, gives them some peace and serenity, or could be a special place with some very personal fond memories.  Maybe it’s going to hang on their wall, and they will get a little twinge of delight every time they see it.  Maybe it’s a gift — double bonus!  The purchaser / giver takes satisfaction in finding just the right thing for that special someone, and the recipient gets a piece they can look at and enjoy (hopefully!).  I get the satisfaction of knowing that my work made someone happy.

Thanks for stopping by.  Should you have any questions, comments, or custom order ideas, please, send me an email.  I would love to hear from you.


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